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If you would like personal assistance to find the right Travel Insurance decision to meet your needs, please contact us at Request@DavidTravel.com

Please put "Insurance" in the subject line of your email, include all of your contact info, and ask us for the contact info of our truly awesome Sales Representative at Travel Guard. She will personally assist you.


(1) Because many health plans will not cover you outside the US,

(2) because an emergency medical evacuation can costs $10,000+, and

(3) because many unforeseeable circumstances can cause the cancellation or interrupt your trip. For a description of what is considered a covered circumstance and what is excluded from coverage please see the terms and conditions of coverage on the web sites of the insurer.

Best to Purchase when you send / make your first Payment. 

We strongly recommend that travelers purchase Trip Cancellation & Evacuation Insurance within 20 days of the date on the payment for a trip.

This date of first payment is important because many policies may waive the exclusions for pre-existing conditions and include several other benefits if the policy is purchased with 20 days of first payment. The insurance can be purchased later, but the pre-existing condition exclusions and some other restrictions will apply.

*Insurance decisions.

Please carefully read all insurance policies you consider purchasing. We recommend making all insurance decisions with the help of your local insurance professionals to make sure you have all needed coverages with satisfactory policy terms and insurers.

Our clients have been pleased with the coverage and rates offered by the company referenced on our site. We offer this information only as a service to help travelers BEGIN their insurance analyses.