South Africa, Victoria Falls (Zambia) and Botswana

January 2002

Tour of the month: South Africa

A "trip of a lifetime" filled with the excitement, thrills and adventure is what the DavidTours [DavidTravel] trip to Southern Africa is all about.

From the moment you step off the plane in Cape Town at the beginning of your 15-day tour you'll be pampered and greeted with a warm welcome.

The tour begins in Cape Town with a stay at the Table Bay Hotel, a wonderfully luxurious leading hotel of the world.  The staff will greet you with a warm reception and with vivid descriptions of things to come.

The next day will entail touring throughout the city on a bus tour that will give you a look at the buildings and neighborhoods and a trip to Table Mountain for spectacular views.  Visiting a Township clearly shows the difference in lifestyles existing throughout the country and enriches your understanding wonderful and complex country.

Touring wine country, seeing seals, penguins and other exotic animals and birds in their natural surroundings, visiting the southwestern most tip of South Africa, Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, will only be a few of the points of interest in the first few days.

What follows are four perfect days on photo safari at Mushatu Private Game Reserve in Botswana.  This is the largest piece of private land in Africa! Here, expert guides and rangers will lead you on a trip into the wild where you will see lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, and hundreds of other thrilling sights every day.  From before the sun comes up, until late into the night, the day is filled with excitement.  Here in the bush you'll stay in cabins (air conditioned and heated), dine under the sun or stars, and explore across dry riverbeds and plateaus.  You will be thrilled with an unparalleled sunset at the top of a mountain overlooking the vast South African plain.

A short flight will take you to Chobe National Park and a stay at the small, refined and beautiful Chobe Savanna Lodge or Chobe Chilwero Lodge.  Much of the great game view will be by boat along the river with sundowner cocktails.

Only about 2 hours from Chobe is Victoria Falls in Zambia, where you will stay at the Royal Livingstone, a new top rate hotel with exquisite room overlooking the banks of the Zambezi River.  From the deck you'll be able to see elephants, alligators, hippos and the river scene.  Fine dining either indoors or outdoors, a superb bar and lounging room, and an exotic gift shop are only part of what there is to enjoy at the world-class hotel.  The staff is cordial and ready to serve your every need.  It is a rare and special treat to spend 4 nights here.  Trust us, you will thank DavidTours [DavidTravel] for this itinerary.

This part of the trip will be perhaps the most memorable.  The sight of Victoria Falls spilling millions of gallons of water each second over its rim will be an unforgettable sight.  Seeing it for the first time from a railway and vehicular bridge while crossing the Zambezi River was magical.  You will see even more of its majesty the next day with a mile wide scene of breathtaking views and permanent "smoke" caused by the water spraying back up into the air 100 feet above the falls.  Its permanent multiple rainbows on sunny days truly make Victoria Falls one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

A highlight of the Victoria Falls experience is a jeep trip to the river gorge, a picnic luncheon by the river, a jet boat ride up the rapids, a helicopter ride over the, and then a boat trip up the Zambezi River at sunset where cocktails and hor d'ouvres are served.  Who could imagine a more fantastic day?

Johannesburg is another world of hustle and bustle.  The Grace Hotel, a Small Luxury Hotel of The World, with all of its deluxe amenities and service, will serve as your base of operations for one night.  Trips to the bars and clubs, shopping or just enjoying the sights of the sprawling city all will provide you with hours of fun entertainment.

An optional add-on includes a bus ride to The Palace of the Lost City, a Leading Hotel of The World, and further safari.  There will be plenty of time to rest here and relax from the fast-paced days that will have just passed.  The fabulous "Palace," with all it's rich and opulent adornments will leave a lasting impression on you until you are drawn to return to Southern Africa.

Perhaps the best part of DavidTours [DavidTravel] experience is that you get to meet the local gay and lesbians that will embrace you with warm conversation and an insight into this miraculous continent of wonders, contradictions, joy, and hope.

You will return home with gifts and a head filled with wondrous, unforgettable experiences and the true treasure of having been on a DavidTours [DavidTravel] trip.

Wherever you go in the world with DavidTours [DavidTravel], you can travel with confidence that you will have a magnificent, fun, and luxurious journey.