About DavidTravel

Tour Operator Specializes in Gay Luxury Travel
by Mary Martens
TravelAge West - June 2002

Being a gay man who loves luxury travel, David Rubin was a natural for starting a tour business that focuses on those two niches.  It didn't hurt that he was leaving behind a successful law practice but taking with him his experience in becoming an instant expert.

In fact, picking travel agents' brains helped a lot in setting up shop, he said.

Six years later, David Tours, based in Corona Del Mar, Calif., is going strong, offering itineraries to 16 destinations, including a new one to Reykjavik, Iceland, for gay pride weekend this summer.  The weeklong trip costs $2,000.  (Air is not included in his prices.)

"It brings a tremendous mix of people internationally," Rubin said, adding that 40,000 show up for the celebration.

Two of the features that make a David Tours itinerary so popular are no morning excursions - so clients can party into the wee hours and sleep in, if they want to, or get up early and tour the museums, before meeting the group for an afternoon trip - and contact with locals.

Rubin started his company by focusing on destinations where he had friends, such as South Africa.  An 18-day itinerary starts at $5,600. A highlight is dining with locals who range in economic status.  The gathering often leads to new friendships, Rubin said.

His new Peru itinerary, starting at $3,250 for nine days, includes a tour of Machu Picchu at night accompanied by a shaman.