About DavidTravel

Five Stars of David

By Lawrence Ferber
Advocate Magazine
March 2002
Travel Report 2002, pg 39

DavidTours [DavidTravel] combines luxury travel with a gay-friendly itinerary.

"It was an old-fashioned grand tour, like a Henry Miller heroine," gushes actor Danny Scheie, 41, of his DavidTours [DavidTravel] journey to South Africa last year.   "The accommodations were like something out of King Solomon's Mines."

With a mission to provide five-star luxury vacations on six continents, David Rubin's company has snagged not only Scheie's high praise but also three consecutive editor's chose awards from the travel newsletter Out & About.  Rubin leaves nothing to chance, personally casing out his itineraries' properties and restaurants for both sensitivity to gay people and top-notch quality.   Hailing from Long Island, N.Y., Rubin developed a taste for travel in his childhood.   "It's always been my passion to travel, to meet people, to connect people, to have friends all over the world," he says.

To facilitate those connections, every DavidTours [DavidTravel] event includes significant mixing with locals - for conversations and sharing of cultures, not for matchmaking.   "They're successful, well-educated people from all walks of life who are invited to join the group-one might be an architect, a politician, a diplomat, or a historian," he explains.   "We ask our clients not to sit next to another member, but a local."

Not that Rubin is opposed to other kinds of hookups, but he finds his clients manage those liaison quite well on their own.