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Great Summer Air Deals to Europe.  Many fares 50% below last year. Ticket prices for summer flights to Europe reached new lows this week as already intense competition increased among airlines serving major U.S. cities and most European destinations. Some fares now are priced 50 percent less than they were at the same time last […]

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I am looking forward to trying the Montage Laguna Beach this Saturday night. For me and for clients, they always seem to mess up a bit on somethings. Overall, with the ocean view and the warm, welcoming, relaxed atmosphere, everyone likes it. I will follow with a critique of both the Montage Laguna Beach […]

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Buy this great deal directly from Air Europa.  When there is a great deal like this one and best for you to buy it online directly with the airline….we tell you!  That is why it is best to call on DavidTravel to design your travels.  We work with you as a team….like with this air deal….we want to […]

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