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Four airlines now allow you to get your boarding pass at Paddington Station’s Heathrow Express. …for now, only Delta Air Lines, Finnair, Iberia and United Airlines. However, we recommend doing this online, if you can, before leaving your London hotel or home. Heathrow Express has introduced airport check-in (not of luggage check-in!) facilities and flight […]

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Air New Zealand slashing domestic fares. Interesting: Reusable baggage tags will be introduced, allowing frequent travelers to pick up bags at regional airports as they step off planes rather than at a collection point. We have great local experts in New Zealand ….now is a great time to go and they are going into […]

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A must see YouTube video: A Canadian country musician named Dave Carroll, who plays with a band called Sons of Maxwell, checked his Taylor brand guitar on a United Airlines flight. About a year ago, United trashed it in transit. Carroll paid $1,200 for the repairs and tried to get United to reimburse him. […]

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A colleague introduced me to an interesting site called Airline Analysis by Robert G. Herbst, but I don’t know the author or the accurancy of his info and data. See: My Bottom Line: Personally, I am especially concerned about United Airlines. I recommend using your Frequent Flyer miles to fly ASAP. Alternatively, if you […]

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An amazing air search engine that clearly spells out flight times and waiting times has been created by MIT scientists, see: Log in as a Guest. Just leave the sales city as BOS Click on more options for things like First or Business Class, preferred airline, etc. It is not a booking engine, but […]

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