Tipping Article by USA Today + My input.

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Clients often ask us about tipping.  Great overview article on tipping worldwide from USA Today. See: http://bit.ly/DavidTravel-Tipping-10-09

Overall, I recommend tipping well for good service. Moreover, I often recommend tipping periodically when a guide, driver or concierge desk, etc. may be assisting you over several days or more than one visit.

I recommend that clients hand write a note, perhaps on hotel stationary, and place the note and cash in an envelope with the persons name. Then personally hand deliver this or give to senior management to distribute.

For example, if you may be calling on the concierge staff to help you several times, perhaps introduce yourself to the head concierge. Hand write a note thanking the concierge staff in advance for assisting you, include your name and room number, and the equivalent of USD $10. Then tip additionally as appropriate.

Please don’t forget the maids. They really do so much more for you than a car parking valet or doorman. They clean your bathroom! Again, I leave a note with my business car and cash in an envelope with my name & room # addressed to “Housekeeping for Room ___ & the Dates”. I leave that on the desk in the room or give it to management.  

If you don’t tip the maids (housekeeping staff), I suggest you consider that you often tip a guy at least $1 to park your car nearby and at least $1 per bag to a bellman.   Whereas, your hotel room maid may spend 30 minutes a day cleaning your room and also do a turn down service.  Perhaps it is because the maids may be so invisible to hotel guests and not interface with guests directly so it may be easier to avoid thinking about and tipping them.  Whereas, if you did not tip the valet as he hands you your keys, you must directly confront the person you are not giving a gratuity to. 

As discussed in other articles below on my blog, customs also vary from country to country.   For example, EU countries have livable minimum wages, whereas staff in many service industry jobs outside the EU heavily rely on tips to earn a decent wage.

Moreover, we have found that our clients are respectful, kind and appreciative to those who render service to them.  In turn, staff around the world especially love hosting our clients!

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