Amazing Chocolate in London

August 2nd, 2009 | Categories: General | Tags: , , , ,

I love dark chocolate….and I love discovering unique shops around the world.

Enjoy Chocolate by Chantal Coady at recently opened Rococo Chocolates at 4 Moncomb Street (Belgravia/Knightsbridge). Her exquisite hand-crafted chocolate is famous for its silken texture and delicious, innovative flavors. There are 3 locations in London.

In addition to tasting, I suggest watching the masters at work from the Salon and taking in the Moroccan-inspired garden designed by Coady.

Better yet, take a Cooking Classes – An opportunity to hone your skills in the art of making and cooking with chocolate.

I’d love to do the “Bespoke Tastings” – They can organize a chocolate tasting to suit your preferences for you and up to 7 lucky friends you invite.

From their web site:
Should I Keep My Chocolate in the Fridge?
That depends on what the outside temperature and humidity are. A cool dry place is always preferable to a fridge. If room temperature is more than 25°C, it is probably advisable to put them in the fridge. Always wrap chocolate in plastic and seal carefully before refrigerating. Allow chocolate to return to room temperature before unwrapping and eating.