MUST SEE!!! “United Breaks Guitars” by Canadian country musician, Dave Carroll

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A must see YouTube video:

A Canadian country musician named Dave Carroll, who plays with a band called Sons of Maxwell, checked his Taylor brand guitar on a United Airlines flight.

About a year ago, United trashed it in transit. Carroll paid $1,200 for the repairs and tried to get United to reimburse him.

United, gave him a year-long runaround and then said no.

So Carroll wrote a catchy song, shot a hilarious music video and post it on YouTube. The music video, prosaically called “United Breaks Guitars“, it goes viral, races around the Internet, then pushes Carroll’s tale of woe into the mainstream media.

Embarrassed by all the negative publicity, United finally decided to “reach out” to Carroll and make amends. “This struck a chord with us,” a United spokeswoman told the press. But what about the rest of us?

It is interesting to note that this airline turned off its customer-service telephone lines several months ago.

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