Best to have your name the same on Passport, DL & Frequent Flyer Accounts.

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See the NY Times article, “Flying? Don’t Book Under a Nickname”

For example, my name is David Marc Rubin. If I had my name listed as noted below, it would be best for me to change it so my name is exactly the same on each of the following:

Passport = David Marc Rubin

Driver’s License = David M. Rubin

Frequent Flyer accounts = David Rubin

Also, whenever asked, be prepared to provide your Date of Birth, too.

The NY Times states:

“The Transportation Security Administration is getting ready to take over responsibility from the airlines for checking passengers’ names against terrorist watch lists, and is advising travelers to start booking airline tickets using their full name as it appears on their driver’s license or passport.”

It is called the Secure Flight program.

“airlines are telling passengers not to worry if there is no place to enter a middle name when purchasing a ticket, or no field for a date of birth.”

“Among the concerns raised by fliers are names with hyphens, foreign characters, spaces or just initials and people who have two middle names or have not fully adopted a married name.

“Nicknames are going to be one of the bigger issues,” conceded Paul Flanigan, a spokesman for Southwest, which aims to start collecting the Secure Flight data in October.

Currently, many airlines do not offer a place to supply a middle name when booking online, but for now, the message seems to be: If we don’t ask for it, you don’t have to tell us.”

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