Amazing air search engine!

An amazing air search engine that clearly spells out flight times and waiting times has been created by MIT scientists, see:

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Just leave the sales city as BOS

Click on more options for things like First or Business Class, preferred airline, etc.

It is not a booking engine, but a great resource. However, the pricing is not precise but a guideline. We can often get lower prices for our clients.

Before doing the search, I click on more options and keep the box checked for :
“Check seat availability”
(I usually UN-check in the box) “Allow airport changes”

You can also choose the number of stops you will consider and lots of other important details.

When it brings up the results, I scroll to the bottom and click on:
“Show all trips at once”
(It may have many obsure options with 48 hour transit times that you can quickly scroll through).

I love the “Warning” section that spells out things like overnight flights, long or tight connections.

Once you find the flights you are interested in, click on “Details”.  Then you can even click on “Show booking details” and it provides all special booking codes that are great to send a Travel Agent so we know exactly what you have found.

For clients who like to do some research on their own, we suggest they review the air options and send us an email stating what they would like us to seek to confirm and quote for them. Our clients know we may have better options because we think outside the box and have some unique resources, especially for lower prices.

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