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Watch for David’s critique of  The Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills. Trying it tonight! The Hotel: I will also be in LA on Saturday support the AIDS/LifeCycle aka “The AIDS Ride” from SF to LA ending on 6 June in LA….and to cheer on friends (including Vincent Tamariz, Nick Trubenback and Ric Uggen [aka, the […]

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If you booked directly with Happy Vacations and/or Life Journeys Vacations…shame on you for not calling on DavidTravel ;-)…..however, we can help you. A top notch company we work with has set up dedicated telephone lines and agents to help us help you. It is important to have our clout behind you Please contact DavidTravel […]

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DavidTravel has never booked clients with Happy Vacations or Life Journeys Vacations. Life Journeys Vacations is owned by Happy Vacations and markets to the GLBT communities. The company issued a press release on 20 April 2009 stating: “Happy Vacations to Reorganize Several weeks ago Happy Vacations secured limited financing as an interim step towards a […]

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