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This can only be booked on 18, 19 or 20 May to book.  Please contact DavidTravel. Stay between Memorial Day through Labor Day! Two stunning California coastal hotels…..This is an amazing….because this is our summer high season with perfect weather. Summer is here and you are invited to explore the coast of California with rates starting […]

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An amazing air search engine that clearly spells out flight times and waiting times has been created by MIT scientists, see: Log in as a Guest. Just leave the sales city as BOS Click on more options for things like First or Business Class, preferred airline, etc. It is not a booking engine, but […]

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Buy this great deal directly from Air Europa.  When there is a great deal like this one and best for you to buy it online directly with the airline….we tell you!  That is why it is best to call on DavidTravel to design your travels.  We work with you as a team….like with this air deal….we want to […]

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THE BEST OF THE BEST. To find voyages with 50% Savings on all suite categories, see: This is my favorite cruise line….at most 382 passengers on the ship. All the cabins are suites, too!!! *NOTE to Charities:  We are finalizing a great deal with DavidTravel to enable your charity to earn money for every […]

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On 17 Jan 2009, USAir launched an unadvertised summer sale to London, Paris, Frankfurt, and other European cities: Fares are in the $500s and $600s, including all taxes, for peak summertime travel. So how do you find these fares? You can search via on their International Airfares page or “do a flexible date search” […]

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